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Canvas Awning

Canvas awnings are external fabric window coverings. They can also be fitted to patios for soft sun protection and to control light, radiant heat and weather. Our range of canvas awnings include:

  • A wide range of styles and operation including: Zipscreen, roller, channel, and automatic
  • Motorised controls
  • Fabrics include woven acrylics, sunscreen mesh, and cafe? PVC

Protection from the harsh sun is important for personal comfort and to extend the life of your home furnishings.

Up to 88% of the sun's rays penetrate through windows. They are absorbed by the objects in the room and transformed into infra red rays (heat) this heat cannot escape back through the window. This creates overheating, glare and discomfort.

Fabric Awnings are designed to shade and protect the window from the sun's rays. Three types of fabric now dominate the awning market and all three offer different types of protection.


  • Acrylic
  • Sunscreen
  • Tinted and Clear Plastic

Fabric Awnings are available in many different styles, utilising the best materials and latest technology available. They can be rolled away when not needed or be made as a fixed covering.

Fabric Awnings are the flexible, modern way to add protection and style to your home.

Acrylic fabric reduces glare and heat by a significant amount depending on the colour of the fabric. The sun's rays are deflected before reaching the window and this gives a luminous effect with the colour of the fabric showing from both the interior and exterior of the room.

Green-back awning canvas is woven from a special blend of cotton and polyester yarns. This fabric breathes naturally allowing air to flow in and around your windows. The coating has been formulated to help resist abrasion, water and mildew.

Sunscreen awning fabrics offer up to 90% shade whilst still allowing the view. This fabric is PVC woven to allow air flow and avoid trapping heat to reduce the cost of cooling. The PVC surface resists water, salt, poolside environments and general airborne contaminants. Easily cleaned, you simply hose off regularly.

PVC clear plastic comes in clear, grey, charcoal and smoke bronze. It is great for keeping the weather out but not interfering with view.


The Zipscreen track guided blind system has: NO ropes NO zips NO straps NO buckles. Just pull the blind up or down and stop wherever is needed. Zipscreens can be operated manually or can be motorised. A protective and attractive weatherbox can be incorporated for better aesthetics and suited for most styles of patios. Choose from canvas or shade screens in various colours or clear plastic.

Standard Channel Awnings

Performs a similar purpose as the Zipscreen, at a more affordable price. This product is ideal for those on a tighter budget.

Auto Awnings

Perfect for sun and weather protection over windows. You may select from canvas or shade screen in a large range of colours. Choose to have a protective weatherbox. Easy function,

Aluminium Awnings

Aluminium awnings are very low maintenance and long lasting. They come in fixed and adjustable louvre styles. The adjustable louvres can have internal controls.

Other Awnings Available

We have other awning options available which include:

  • Cord and reel
  • Rope and pulley
  • Wire guide
  • Fixed frame

Please ask our friendly staff for more information.

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